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Being supportive is a superpower.

It turns out my friends and family are pretty amazing people.

When we decided to start Shepyrd everything felt right. I wasn’t scared about starting a company. I wasn’t scared about the financial risk. I wasn’t scared about our future success. I was scared about telling my friends and family.

Throughout my life I’ve sort of gone with the flow, surfed the waves where they took me, and done what was expected of me. In video game parlance my life was a game “on rails” — the experience I was having was amazing at times, but the trade off was that I wasn’t exercising any real freedom of choice. I was happy to go where I was expected to go and have the experiences expected of me.

For a long time living my life this way worked out pretty well. I’ve been professionally successful, met wonderful people, had ridiculous fun, been exotic places, eaten gourmet food, driven fast cars — the works! I cannot lie, it’s been a pretty great roller coaster ride.

But a roller coaster is the same as a video game on-rails. It’s an experience somebody else dreamed up to be appealing to the masses. Eventually it’s time to get off of the ride and start making a ride that is appealing to YOU, to start making the experiences you dream up. I am fairly certain this is a universal truth of life. Life is what WE make of it, why leave it up to somebody else?

So here I was getting off the roller coaster, and I wasn’t scared. Trading in the safety and security of a pretty good ride for the chance at something truly spectacular. The only thing that scared me was telling my friends and family.

And I was scared to tell them because I was scared I lacked belief in myself. Scared that as soon as I heard the words come out of my mouth I’d discover myself to be a fraud. Scared that their imagined lack of support echoed my own self doubt. Scared I would slink back to the safety and security of the roller coaster.

But guess what? None of those things happened when I told them.

It turns out my friends and family are pretty amazing people! Since we told everyone about Shepyrd, and I’ve announced my intentions to do this full-time, I’ve been met with nothing but positive support from everybody around me!

This is an unbelievably great feeling, thank you. Your support gives me the courage needed to tackle the difficulties that inevitably lie ahead. To know that you are all with me as I take on this venture feels truly remarkable. Your support makes me feel like I can build my own roller coaster and have the ride of my dreams.

Being supportive is a superpower. Use if freely, use it often. Teach others to do the same.