A beginning is a very delicate time.

On August 1st Julie and I created a technology startup company.

Up until this exact moment things had been pretty dire. I had no idea what to do with myself, or what my purpose in life might be. Truth be told, I thought I was done with technology, and the choices I was debating reflected that. Maybe I’d become a chef. Maybe I’d open up a bar. Maybe I’d solve crimes as a private detective. Maybe I’d finally become a Buddhist monk.

But then I decided to go down to Columbus, OH to the PyOhio conference. I desperately needed to get out of the house, and several of my friends and ex-colleagues were speaking and helping out with the event. It would be good to re-connect with all of them and shake up my routine.

That weekend proved to be a turning point for me.

Listening to all of these wonderful and positive people tell their stories reminded me that technology, when used correctly, can be a transformative force for good. It reminded me of my personal mission: to build technology that makes the world a better place.

Speaking with one of the managers I used to coach, who is now also a friend, I was reminded how passionate I am about taking care of people, helping them grow and be successful, and coaching other people to do the same.

I didn’t know it that weekend, but something started to change inside of me. Frost began to melt. Depression turned to hope. A way forward began to crystalize. A new beginning started to take shape…

Four days later, on August 1st Julie and I created Shepyrd, a technology startup company dedicated to helping you manage your team more thoughtfully and effectively. We’re going to take all of our experience and expertise and share it with everyone through simple and useful tools, resources and education, consulting, and a thriving community passionate about our mission as well.

I’ll start talking more in-depth about exactly what this all means in the weeks and months to come. I hope you’ll join us on our journey!