About Us

Shepyrd is a micro organization founded by Andrew Schulak and Julie Cousins in Cleveland, Ohio.

Our mission is to create tools that support thoughtful team leaders and to help their teams thrive, and to create a community of team leaders that support one another with their experience and insight.

Like the shepherd of a flock, we believe that being a manager of a team is a wonderful privilege and a great responsibility; that taking a kind, compassionate, and thoughtful approach to coaching and mentorship yields the best results; and that managers and their teams need the proper tools and resources to excel.

If you are interested in using our tools, joining our community, or simply supporting our efforts please join our Patreon .

Our Values

How we build and run Shepyrd is extremely important to us.


We want to grow Shepyrd on our own terms, slowly and meaningfully, to ensure we can make the best team tools for you without compromising our values or beliefs. That's why we're currently self funded, and aspire to become a certified B Corporation .

Social Impact

We want Shepyrd to have a positive impact on our communities as well as our customers. That's why once we're sustainable we're going to donate a portion of our proceeds to non-profit and pro-social organizations chosen and voted on by you.


Growing slowly and meaningfully includes creating a community of like-minded folks who are passionate about thoughtful management and teamwork. We're looking forward to engaging with you and learning from your experience so that we can build the tools you need, and a company you love working with.


We want as many people like you to be able to use our team tools and benefit from them. We know it's difficult to justify and procure software purchases in large corporations so we've adopted a low price, unlimited use model that we hope is a no-brainer for you!


We're an open book. We'll keep you in the loop with everything that's going on with Shepyrd from our Patreon pledges and our technology expenses, our product roadmap and bug reports, as well as our social impact plans.


Your safety and security is of the utmost importance to us. We use NO third party tracking pixels or technologies. We will never sell, trade, or give your data to anyone, and you can always get a copy of your data emailed to you with our handy Data Export utility.

Our Beliefs

In addition to our values, we have four core beliefs that inform our company and our team tools. Through our Engagement tool you will see how actions your team members take with our tools embody these beliefs and positively shape the world around us.

We believe in caring for ourselves and celebrating our uniqueness and diversity.

We believe in helping others and treating them with compassion, kindness, and respect.

We believe that the best results come when everbody works and succeeds together.

We believe that together we can make the world a better place.