Shepyrd is dedicated to helping you manage your team more thoughtfully and effectively.

We are an organization focused on helping people to become better managers, team leads, coaches, and leaders.

Like the shepherd of a flock, we believe that being a manager of a team is a wonderful privilege and a great responsibility; that taking a kind, compassionate, and thoughtful approach to coaching and mentorship yields the best results; and that managers and their teams need the proper tools and resources to excel.

Even though we’ve just started our journey, we are working diligently to turn our passion and beliefs into action. Here at Shepyrd we aim to achieve our mission to help you become a more thoughtful and effective manager by:

  • building tools and apps that help you engage with your team quickly and easily
  • providing training and educational resources to strengthen your skills
  • consulting with you personally for self-improvement, and partnering with you to tackle difficult situations and interesting problems
  • creating a thriving community of fellow managers, coaches, and leaders just as passionate about people as we are

We are excited to take this journey, and hope to meet and work with all of you and your teams in the future!