Shepyrd is a technology startup founded by Andrew Schulak and Julie Cousins on August 1, 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio. We are currently self funded, and are in the process of building our first prototype.

Andrew Schulak

My personal mission is to build technology that makes the world a better place. This mission, complemented by my passion for coaching managers and building highly performing teams with them, has lead me to create Shepyrd.

I’ve been enamored with technology ever since I can remember. When I was a young child I first learned to program on our family’s Commodore 64 under the guidance of my mother. This interest in technology continued throughout my childhood and into my teens and eventually lead me to pursue and achieve a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science degree at Brown University. Since then I have worked in the technology and software engineering field for over twenty years, and have been a manager and leader of successful teams for the past ten years.

I happily reside in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. Go Tribe! Go Browns!

Julie Cousins

Julie Cousins

I have spent my career building foundational skills and leadership experience across all aspects of web and mobile development. I’ve worked in and managed amazing projects and teams across the disciplines of design, content, merchandising, development, testing.

Christopher T. Miller

I believe that to manage humans, you need to treat them with respect and dignity. People are not cogs in the machine, but are the single thing that makes your success as a company possible. I have managed teams in the IT/Web space, and I am proud to be a mentor to the next generations of managers and knowledge workers.